Free Proxy or Paid Proxy?

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Proxies are the one making you hide your presence while browsing through the restricted websites. They act as an intermediary between you and the requested website which changes your IP address to match the access limitations. It receives requests from your end and replaces your original IP address with a proxy IP address which is secured and acceptable by the requested website. Proxies helps you to hide your presence and be untraced by the government or those who don’t want their personal information to be harvested.

There are free and paid services available for acquiring a proxy IP address but what is more perfect. Of course, the free word will attract you the most but do you really know which is better. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Free Proxy 

Free proxy is availed by the providers free of cost where the host is willing to rent out their IP address for free. These hosts are in huge numbers on internet and you can find them easily. Free proxies can be used majorly by using a proxy website giving free proxy services. You can do this by entering the address of your desired website in the search bar of the proxy website. The proxy website will then provide you random IP address in secure country locations to your search and you’ll be allowed to browse through the content of the restricted website.

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If you’re looking to open a new website, you must ensure that the proxy website individually visits each tab. You can also search for free proxy hosting addresses by just picking a location and address which matches your requests.

Well these free proxies might look attractive but lack in their functioning. There can be some unexpected malware breaching your system’s security with no feedback mechanism. Yes, with free services you won’t have anyone to take care of these breaches. No support services will be there to enhance your user experience and resolve all the issues. Free proxy services are offered with minimal functions, being unbearably slow and crowded. Free proxies also gives an easy platform for advertisers who post their advertisements and make it added with more load. Free proxy also exposes your identity to various relating information thefts, making it completely unsafe for accessing payment gateways. There may also be chances of an ultimate phenomenon called “burning out”. In this phenomenon, the free hosting server burns out or the internet of the host gets unplugged making your function to stop ultimately at the middle.

Paid Proxy 

Paid proxies are the paid services which gives you premium services related to proxies with a proper support system taking care of any problems arising. The paid support system will be there for you 24/7 and will ensure that your transaction never gets infested by attacks and is fluent. Paid proxies offer higher speed with greater reliability due to less traffic of users. Your transaction is also not interrupted by any advertisings with more network restrictions to be bypassed. It relieves you from all the major problems you were facing while using the free proxies.

Even after a cost and service comparison, you can find that paid proxies are utmost worthful with the features offered. StableProxies are known for offering great deals for efficient proxies. Go get them today!!

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