5 Reasons You Should Avoid Using Free Proxies

 In this exceedingly overpriced world, it is perfectly natural for us to be attracted to free stuff. But when it comes to proxy servers, beware of the free versions, as they might not be what you think. Free proxy servers allow users to be anonymous on the internet, but what the users don’t realize is that their IP addresses are completely accessible by the proxy server. This is where things get a bit complicated. Free proxy servers offer to hide your IP Address on the internet, but what they don’t tell you is that they monitor your IP address every time you use their service. Now, this is a scary thing. The only way to be completely safe is to Buy Proxy from cheap vendors to ensure complete anonymity. But how much harm can free proxy servers actually do? This article contains the various possibilities of the harm that can be incurred to us while using free proxy servers.

So What Exactly Is a Proxy Server?

Most of the people reading this probably don’t need this part. The absolute veterans can skip this part and move on to the main part of this article. But for the uninitiated, a proxy server is basically a tool used by internet users to hide their IP addresses. This also enables the user to hide their location from the internet as a website’s only way of knowing the location of a user is the IP address. Proxy servers can be used to use a fake location to access blocked content in a country. It is an extremely useful way to keep hackers and viruses at bay. Proxy servers are specifically useful if one is using the internet through public Wi-Fi. 

The Evils of Free Proxy Servers

Now that we know the uses of a proxy server, let’s move on to the core of this article. So, why are free proxy servers bad? Here are five reasons that answer this question in detail.

  • The most obvious answer is that they monitor your IPs. This destroys the very purpose of using a proxy server. If you don’t want this, then get a Cheap Proxy for daily uses.
  • As your IPs are monitored, you never know what the owners are using your data for. They might be selling it to data vendors or even worse, they might be using the data to gain your personal details.
  • Most free proxy servers are unsafe to use. So, if one is using a free proxy server for some private work, then it is probable that someone can hack into their IP and steal their data.
  • The network service degrades horribly when you are using a free proxy. No one wants that.
  • The worse thing about free proxies is that they can inject your devices with malware, often dangerous ones, that can horribly affect your systems.

What can be done?

Don’t get it wrong, proxy servers are absolutely necessary in today’s world. So, does that mean all of us to have to go out and Buy Proxy servers? Well, yes, we kinds have to. But there are loads of options out there for cheap proxy servers. Before getting anything, one has to do loads of research. While not getting a proxy is harmful, using a free proxy is even worse. Remember that next time you use the internet.

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