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What is shared proxy?

Shared proxy does not restrict to any one person but is accessible to multiple people. Sometimes, proxy servers are shared by people who misuse it and get themselves banned. In such a case, you are also banned from accessing the particular site. However, this type of situation is not expected to occur once you have approached us. We make you share the server with authentic users preventing you from any kind of inconvenience in the future.

Need of shared proxy

The feature of keeping the identity anonymous is the most crucial of the shared proxy servers. When you are browsing through the net, your system tends to accept cookies from various sites that you are visiting. It means that the company has a full record of surfing including the duration for which you stayed at a site and what you are doing there. To avoid such a situation, it becomes significant to use an anonymous proxy. If you wish to possess absolute freedom to surf more of the web, you need to get shared proxy services to discourage companies from profiling.

* all prices are per one month

Benefits of shared proxies


Since you are sharing the server with other users, the cost of shared proxy services are comparatively lower than other proxy types. The sharing of server simply means sharing of the price too. Whether its shared proxy, Scrapebox proxy, Facebook proxy or xummer proxies, we offer them all at a very competitive price.

Instant activation

Do not worry about the activation at all! We do not take hours and days to do that. When you have selected one of our proxy plans, all your proxy IPs are immediately assigned to the respective accounts. It occurs within second without making you wait much.

Better promotion

Yes, our shared proxies will make your promotion phase easier. Since our proxies can be utilized for social media sites like Facebook etc., you will be able to promote your products or services in a better way.

What are you waiting for? Approach us before your competitor gets hold of the premium shared proxy plan and develop its name in the industry.