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Shared proxy Vs Private proxy ? A difficult question

A private proxy server is a dedicated IP that is being exclusively used by only one client at a time, mainly to hide his public IP address assigned by the ISP.
As its name implies, a shared proxy is utilized by multiple users. This means if you or your company decides to use a shared proxy, it will be accessible to multiple people, not just you.
A private proxy is a proxy that is used only one user.It hides your IP(or MAC) address while adding security and protecting your privacy.Private proxies deliver fully anonymous surfing on the internet. It is important to remember that you leave a digital footprint in the form of your IP address when using the web. This means that almost anyone can see you on-line, including hackers and spammers. A private proxy server can almost guarantee your IP address will be invisible.Higher speed since no one else is working with the same proxy.Ability to bypass filters and firewalls since a private proxy server can circumvent these types of blocked websites. Protect privacy for minimal worry about your personal information being exposed or compromised when you make purchases or surf on the web.
Many people can be using public proxies at the same time, overloading their bandwidth and leaving you with a frustratingly slow internet experience. In other words, slow access is generally associated with free proxies because many (many) users are typically using them at any given time.
Private proxy means you, and only you, are using the proxy server. The result is reliable higher speed than a public proxy can deliver. Private proxies protect and deliver privacy with virtually no risk of having your personal information being exposed.
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Features of Shared Proxy

Shared proxy service provides dedicated IP addresses assigned exclusively to to several users, offers private HTTP(s) or SOCK5 proxies. Shared Proxies also known as Semi Dedicated Proxies or Semi Private Proxies. Shared proxies are usually as fast and qualitative as private proxies for a single user. They’re much cheaper as compared to exclusive proxies.

Shared proxies are less reliable and fast than dedicated private proxies.And proxy shared by several users, that proxy’s IP can be related or gets banned on some services such as paypal, google. Even more the IP may be abused by other users. So, you can use shared proxies for social media marketing and SEO Tools just like the private proxies,It’s also high anonymous proxy,But if you’re really care about your account security or other special application.

Just as its name implies, a shared proxy is utilized by multiple users. This means if you or your company decides to use a shared proxy, it will be accessible to multiple people, not just you.Most shared proxies inexpensive or free.Sharing the proxy server allows you to share in the cost of that server.They are useful for the rare user who requires several proxies but uses each proxy only for a few hours.Some public proxies can be helpful with some of SEO software that need harvest data from internet (like keyword ranking or page rank).They can support both an HTTP and SOCKS5 service.Public proxy servers can also be used with web browsers and other apps that support proxy use.

Stackproxy provide Shared proxy at very cheap price. The only difference is that a few other users can also access them. We will never allow more than 5 people access to one proxy, and even that is very rare. Stackproxy provide 24/7 technical support and 99.99% uptime.

The Properties Of A Shared Proxy:

* Security: Security is another important property of a shared server. Without any iota of doubt, you will find a plethora of spammers and hackers on free shared proxy servers. This is simply because you have several people using the server at the same.There is no unique security code attached to using a shared server. For this reason, you are always at risk for using a shared proxy. It simply means that a shared proxy security measure is limited. In fact, you do not have control over the security strength of a shared server. It is better to avoid using a shared proxy for comprehensive data work.

* Shared Proxy Speed: With shared proxies, you have several people using a given server at the same time. This will only overload the bandwidth and make the user’s internet slow and frustrating.If you are searching for free proxies, then the internet access will be slow generally.When selecting a shared proxy, it is important to have in mind the speed of the connection.

* Anonymity: Anonymity should not be ignored when using proxies. Anonymity is the feature of a proxy that helps to secure your geographical location. If you do not want any external source or user to see