So, what is a proxy sever? If you look closely at your internet settings, you will see an option of “proxy” which is nothing but a sort of a barrier for your browser which protects your information on the computer from threats. AIt allows you to view the web content without the websites being able to see the content on your computer. A proxy server acts as a third party to filter out information according to the commands of the user. It follows several key steps on a basic level.
Following are the steps:
* The user connects to the proxy server
*The user requests information or a service. This could be a connection to a specific website or a file or other resource.
*The proxy server applies its filtering guidelines to the request.
*The verified request is sent to the appropriate server.
*The information or file is ‘collected’ and sent back to the user
For business purposes, proxies are mostly used to review employee usage or to protect against information leaking.

Types of Proxy Servers
* Anonymous Proxy: Also called as a web proxy sever this server tries to anonymize we surfing by hiding the IP address of the user. This makes the server hard to track down and provides reasonable anonymity for users.
*Shared Proxy: Justifying it’s name, shared proxy is where the proxy server in used is utilized by multiple people.That means if you or your company decides to use a shared proxy server , then it will be used by several people and not just you.
*Private Proxy:A private proxy server uses a dedicated IP that is used only by you. So the server is entirely in your hands.
* Transparent Proxy: A server that satisfies the term proxy but does not enforce any local policies which means that, it forwards attributes but does not add, delete or modify them. These are generally used for caching websites but it does not effectively provide anonymity for people who use them. However, the use of a transparent proxy will get you around simple IP bans.

Uses of Proxy Servers
*Ticketing Proxy: The type of proxy used for ticket our chasing or sales is ticketing proxy. There are many websites that provide ticketing proxy. Example:
*Gaming Proxy: The type of proxy that offers service to gaming websites during times of need is called and gaming proxy. For example, Stableproxies is a gaming proxy  provider.

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