Socks proxy supports high anonymity and HTTPS (secure HTTP) naturally

Socks proxy is versatile proxy for all usage while the http proxy can only be used for surfing. You can use socks proxy to send email, transfer file, chat online, play game as well as surf website.
There are two versions of socks proxy: version 4 and 5, as known as socks4 and socks5. Socks5 supports UDP (Skype needs it), name resolution and authentication while socks4 not. In most cases, either socks4 or socks5 proxy is applicable.
Socks proxy supports high anonymity and HTTPS (secure HTTP) naturally. All the socks proxies are highly anonymous. Every socks proxy support HTTPS websites (such as Paypal).
The socks proxies are private and dedicated. These are hosted at our private data centers . We are one of the few private providers of private socks proxies. All IP ranges are owned by us and we allow only lawful usage.
Our socks proxies are private and on high speed nodes. Using them for gaming online would increase your performance and ensure smoother game play
It would take upto 48 hours to deliver the socks proxies. Please note that our regular http buy proxy are instantly setup while socks proxies are setup on demand so its takes more time.
Benefits of Shared proxies with us
Compatible with any application or browser
Fully anonymous and undetectable
Powered by 1Gb/s+ connections
Multiple IP subnets
Unlimited bandwidth
Instant activation
Bandwidth is shared and may be slow on busy servers
Multiple users on same ip address

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