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Facebook’s project, which offers people from developing countries free mobile access to selected websites, has been pitched as a philanthropic initiative to connect two thirds of the world who don’t yet have Internet access. We completely agree that the global digital divide should be closed. However, we question whether this is the right way to do it. As we and others have noted, there’s a real risk that the few websites that Facebook and its partners select for (including, of course, Facebook itself) could end up becoming a ghetto for poor users instead of a stepping stone to the larger Internet.Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the expansion of the platform earlier this month was aimed to address some of these criticisms. In a nutshell, the changes would allow any website operator to submit their site for inclusion in, provided that it meets the program’s team, which may then make the site available for users to access for free, by routing the communication through the proxy server. That proxy server allows the sites to be zero rated by participating mobile phone operators allows the automatic stripping out of content that violates the guidelines—such as images greater than 1Mb in size, videos, VoIP calls, Flash and Java applets and even JavaScript; and inserts an interstitial warning if a user attempts to leave’s zero-rated portion of the Internet, so as to prevent users from accidentally being billed for data charges they may not be able to afford and didn’t mean to incur.We agree that some Internet access is better than none, and if that is what actually provided—for example, through a uniformly rate-limited or data-capped free service—then it would have our full support. But it doesn’t. Instead, it continues to impose conditions and restraints that not only make it something less than a true Internet service, but also endanger people’s privacy and security.That’s because the technical structure of prevents some users from accessing services over encrypted HTTPS connections.As we mentioned above, a critical component of is its proxy server, which traffic must pass through for the zero-rating and the interstitial warning to work correctly. But most inexpensive feature phones that can’t run an Android app don’t support phone-based warnings or this sort of proxying of HTTPS connections.For these phones, traffic must pass through’s proxy unencrypted, which means that any information users send or receive from’s services could be read by local police or national intelligence agencies and expose its users to harm. While Facebook is working to solve this problem, it’s extremely difficult from a technical perspective, with no obvious solution.

Why SOCKS proxy servers are faster,secure and stable

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It is very likely that you get on that page from the search engine in that case please let us pay your attention that may be you were searching for HTTP proxy servers, instead of SOCKS proxy server.If you are looking for HTTP proxy servers then we would suggest you to check which is the best source of high quality HTTP proxy servers on the WWW may be you have already read review articles where was claimed as the best source among all competitors. Also in addition to the best HTTP proxy servers from you will get Premium Proxy Switcher addon absolutely FREE which will help you to simplify proxy setup and its usage in your browser.Despite the fact that you could be searching for HTTP proxy servers it is a good idea to read that simple explanation of SOCKS proxy servers and get the idea for what it stands for? May be you even have no idea that most popular software (messengers like ICQ, MSN, Skype or email clients Outlook, TheBat, thunderbird and etc.) are designed to use SOCKS proxy servers and not a regular HTTP proxy servers.Also did you know that SOCKS proxy servers are much more faster, secure and stable?Actually SOCKS and HTTP proxy severs, both behave in the same way. They are forwarding your requests to the destination host (address). With help of SOCKS or HTTP proxy servers you could bypass any firewall restriction and access any web site like:,,, and etc.HTTP proxy server the HTTP proxy server was originally designed to be used only with HTTP protocol. To say it even simpler, if you need to open any http:// or https:// like web address HTTP proxy servers are the best solution in 90% cases. There are almost no difference between SOCKS and HTTP proxy servers if they are used for HTTP protocol (we will speak about rare cases bit later).SOCKS proxy servers the SOCKS proxy servers are more flexible and do not seize you. While HTTP proxy servers could hide your IP only when you are browsing a web page, SOCKS proxy servers could help you keep your information private (your IP) even when you are using such programs like ICQ, Skype, MSN or even email clients like Outlook, TheBat, Thhunderbird.The number 4 and 5 refers to the version of SOCKS protocol. These two versions are the most popular and became wide spread all over the world. The following new features were implemented in 5th version: various authentication mechanisms, support of UDP protocol and IPv6.We do not think that you will ever use directly UDP protocol but there is a high chance that the program, for which you need to use proxy server, will use it. In that case nor HTTP neither SOCKS4 will work, the only solution to keep your IP hidden is to use SOCKS5.Another advantage of SOCSK5 is various authentication mechanisms. Without authentication your SOCKS proxy server is publicly available, even if you do not want it to be a public one. As soon as you will setup SOCKS4 proxy server, any person can use it without your permissions, he/she just needs to know IP and the port of SOCKS proxy server.

How To Access Facebook Youtube and many more video site or social media site When it is Blocked in countries

Facebook has announced the launch of a new project called that aims to connect mobile users in the developing world by allowing developers to create apps and services on top of the Platform.This is because most places where the platform is used are served by wireless internet, which is expensive. All websites that are included have to be optimized for mobile.The federal government will announce new measures on Tuesday that are intended to reduce the cost of Internet and television services for Canadians living in rural communities.Ottawa plans to lower the regulatory fees companies pay the federal government for licences to secure access to satellite spectrum, which is used to deliver TV and Internet services.DNS request from a web-browser use UDP packets on port 53 to communicate across the internet with servers to resolve domain names to an Ipv4 or IPv6 address and the returned IP address is then used to directly communicate with a web-site usually using TCP packets over HTTP on port 80 or 443 for HTTPS.Blocking all traffic in your routers firewall from going out on UDP port 53 apart from the computer that is hosting a local DNS-Server is a fantastic way to kill 95% of spyware dead because no IP means no calling home without asking the DNS-Server first. In practise it should be 100% dead but such is the need to call home that Microsoft and others will often circumvents the need for a DNS-Server by hard coding IP address into the code.

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Facebook several countries have interfered with or banned access Bangladesh,China,Egypt,Germany,Iran,Mauritius,Morocco,North Korea,Russia,Syria,Tajikistan,United Kingdom and many more countries.Proxy websites are web page which allows you to browse your favourite websites — even though your access to those websites might be blocked by a content filter.If you find that you are blocked from your favourite websites, use one of these many proxy provider websites to get around the block.Proxy Websites to access facebook and Youtube and many more social media site you are access easily.FACEBOOK AND IBM are teaming up to help retailers better target advertising on the world’s largest social network.For example, a retailer could place ads for items you’ve previously viewed on its site directly into your Facebook feed. The new tools could also be used to help target particular segments, such as runners, for ads.Facebook is dominance in social media made it a natural partner for its own marketing ambitions.Only the most conservative laggard marketers have yet to embrace digital trends. Global brand and retail spend on digital marketing activities will reach nearly $200 billion in 2015, that’s up by 15 percent on 2014 levels, according to the latest market study by Juniper Research.Today Facebook had over 1.44 billion monthly active users as of March 2015.